Hey whats good everyone k@r would like to thank everyone who came out to our last show with Ryan Serene at the Cairo !! People showed us mad love especially for our first little ya dig (show) together. We really appreciate everyone's support especially moving forward we are going to need you more than ever once the journey gets started, we have a lot of plans for the future and without our fans we would not be able to do this music thing. So once again we thank you guys for coming out and showing support, its time to rock the RED KIVA tonight on MUSIC MONDAY lets get it in show starts at 9pm !! Come out if you wanna see a dope performance !!! If you cant make it shout us out on twitter, instagram, facebook....etc..... we got every social site you can imagine haha !!

-K@R #Much Love

11/6/2012 04:53:09

Kids@Recess killed the last show... glad i was able to come out & see you guys perform, cant wait for the next!


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