Here it is the debut mixtape K@R presents: Just a Buncha Kids@Recess. 
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K@R Presents: Just a Buncha Kids@Recess Sample Tape
Below you can hear 30 seconds of each track that will be on our mix-tape "JUST A BUNCHA KIDS@RECESS" (#JABKAR). We will dropping the tape July 31st. Enjoy and make sure you share, comment, like, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KidsatRecess

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K@R rocking out in Chicago vibing with Chicago Rapper Sharkula!!! Check it out leave a comment and share! To check out the mp3 version of this track click here

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Kids@Recess Team up with Domo & One Shot Production to make this great song come to life. This track is off of there up & coming project too be released very soon. Stay tuned with Kids@Recess on the Rise.

Directed Shot & Edited By : 
One Shot Productions

Produced by : Flawless Tracks

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The K@R Crew chop it up on the Drea O and Talley Show from the show is every Tuesday from 9pm - 12pm so make sure you guys tune in and show our friends some love at WCUG. Get in tune with Chicago's hottest Hip-Hop group at and make sure you follow us on twitter and Facebook! All links below. *BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE MIXTAPE "JUST A BUNCHA KIDS@RECESS."
We want to Thank everyone for listening to every Lunch Break song we dropped, it was def a fun thing for us to give to you guys! But sad to say last LUNCH BREAK FRIDAY was the end , we will bring back LBF soon, but until then we are going to start something even better, K@R DAYS!! K@R Days (Dropping every Wednesday at Noon) is going to show you the behind the scenes footage of the team doing work, hanging out, and just being us. We are showing you guys a more personal side of each of us and what our days usually consist of. Below you can view the first two K@R day videos we have already released s/o to @TheArtTorres for the editing.  We hope you enjoy and be on the lookout for our Mix-tape dropping this spring "Just a Buncha Kids@Recess".
Every Friday at 12pm We will be uploading a "Kids@Recess" track or a "RobbieBtheName" track. All songs will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the artists SOUNDCLOUD page. We are very happy to release some dope music to everyone, enjoy the free downloads and pass it on to all your friends!! below are the songs we have already released, and all soundcloud info you need!!
Hey Everyone !! So the past weekend we had a couple of shows the first one was at the Cairo in West Chicago, and the second one was at the Red Kiva in Chicago. Both Venues treated us with mad love and respect, and of course we rocked the crowd, it was def a great time. We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us at both shows, it really does mean a lot to us. Both of these shows offered great opportunity for the k@r team, so be on the look out for an upcoming interview and radio play on, and the next video will be dropping soon. Please show your love and support by checking out our Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation. Thanks again and p.s. Dj Jamal Smallz from wgci was feeling the music as well!! Haha We got mad love for each and every supporter peace !!


Hey whats good everyone k@r would like to thank everyone who came out to our last show with Ryan Serene at the Cairo !! People showed us mad love especially for our first little ya dig (show) together. We really appreciate everyone's support especially moving forward we are going to need you more than ever once the journey gets started, we have a lot of plans for the future and without our fans we would not be able to do this music thing. So once again we thank you guys for coming out and showing support, its time to rock the RED KIVA tonight on MUSIC MONDAY lets get it in show starts at 9pm !! Come out if you wanna see a dope performance !!! If you cant make it shout us out on twitter, instagram, facebook....etc..... we got every social site you can imagine haha !!

-K@R #Much Love